New Augmented Reality app developed for the Moscow Zoo


New Augmented Reality app developed for the Moscow Zoo

Yes, you read it correctly: Moscow, Russia. Pangea Reality’s Augmented Reality has crossed all Europe to introduce you the new app we have developed, in order to commemorate the Moscow Zoo 150th anniversary: “Moscow Zoo”.

The Zoo of the Russian capital, one of the best zoos in the world that has 60.000 visitor per day,  wanted to celebrate its anniversary in a unique way and wanted that its visitors could live an experience that they would never forget. So we decide to bring the animals closer to the visitors, thanks to the Augmented Reality technology.

We have hidden throughout the park some of the most amazing augmented reality animals, like an elephant, a polar bear, a crocodile and many many more.

Downloading the App and pointing to the markers, distributed throughout the zoo, visitors can take photos with 3D animals, as if these animals were next to them!

The new Augmented Reality app has crossed all borders to surprise Russia and make them live the most amazing experience they will ever have.

You can download the app in your  iOS or Android tablets and smartphones.

  • App Realidad Aumentada - Moscow Zoo Augmented Reality App

To enjoy Augmented Reality animals, first download the app and then point to the following markers to see which  animals have been hidden in these two images. Are you ready to discover what these markes are hiding?


Marker 2:

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