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Mobile Augmented Reality

IMPACT your clients with this technology using everyting you can imagine: 3D animations will appear, videos or games will become real and will complement your “real world”…
Add INFORMATION to complement any printed piece with PDFs, sounds, videos, images…
Create an INCREDIBLE experience for your users and develop branded content in a way they won’t forget.
In Pangea we work in augmented reality projects oriented to advertisement and catalogs, focussed on sales increase and ease shopping process decisions..

 Apps development

Do you think augmented reality won’t fit the App you need? Let us study your case. We will help you with your mobile strategy .

Our development team includes iOS and Android experts that allow us to develop impressive augmented reality projects and lots of other approaches: e-detailings, data base Apps, videogames, sell force projects…

Se have an extensive expertise in mobile strategies and we have lots of successful projects and succes cases with the best companies. The world is mobile and not only advertisement must be mobile, but also sales!

 Augmented Catalogs

Augmented reality catalogs are the main application of augmented reality:

  • – Let your clients experience your products installed before they finalize the acquisition.
  • – They will chose configurations, finishes, sizes, accessories, etc. in their own space.
  • – They will be able to take pictures and share their choices to all social networks.
  • – Finally you can connect your augmented catalog to e-commerces and increase sales using this new channel.

More infomation in our microsite Augmented Reality Catalogs.


We connect physical and digital worlds

Mobile Consultancy

We offer you our expertise and mobile strategies to extract your company’s maximum profitability.


Use user position to get the best mobile 360º experience.

Web Apps

Sometimes an App is not the best choice. We can produce App’s younger sister: Web Apps.

Responsive Design

Having a web adapted to mobile devices is a MUST when more than 20% of the web traffic comes from mobile devices..


QRs are everywhere and are well-known by your costumers. Use them wisely, include them in your advertisement campaings, your costumers are ager to use them!. 

Bar codes

They are in all the packages around the world. We can use them, read them, and include them in your marketing mobile strategies.


New smartphones include NFC technology to allow micro payments and quick ID proximity. Use it and exploit new options.

ID Cards Scanner

¿Do you want to accelerate digitalization processes in your company? If you want to detect ID documents, recognize credit cards, etc we can help you.