Our Reality

Our Reality

We Speak Mobile

We create AR and VR apps for mobile devices.

We were born at the same time as the first built-in camera iPad came out with the idea to bring augmented reality to the business world. We want to link the real and the digital world through mobile devices.


The connection between the real world and the mobile. We develop apps for mobile devices and AR and VR projects that expand the commercial and communication possibilities of our clients.


UX/UI. The focus os our work is to design a confortable, practical and satisfying user experiences.

Quality. We commit the highest standards of the mobile industry in every project.

Cooperation. The relation with the client needs to be tight in order to achieve the best results.

Passion. We love to work with the technology that will shape the future.

Creativity. New and original ideas with goals are fundamental.

Vanguard.. To innovate in business is to innovate through top notch mobile and UX/UI standards.


We started PANGEA Reality as a link between the real world and the technology that defines many peoples day-by- day life.

Mobile devices are more and more integrated with us in an ergonomic fashion and the big data internet is now a part of our reality.

We’ve decided that, imagining how we’ll live 5 or 10 years ahead, is a great way to work.